Two-Bridge Photo Walk

The Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Two of the most well know bridges in the city and two of the most photogenic. Get your walking shoes ready because this walk starts in Manhattan, crosses the Brooklyn Bridge and then back to the city over the Manhattan Bridge, ending up in Chinatown. Expect spectacular views from both bridges. Expect fantastic street views of both bridges from Manhattan and Brooklyn. This photo walk is scheduled for Thursday afternoons.


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Iconic views of the Brooklyn Bridge, with its neo gothic-styled arches and suspension cables, make for awesome photos in black & white and color.


The walkway on the Manhattan Bridge is fenced in, but there some strategically placed “holes” in the fence where you can stick a lens through to get an incredible view of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge.

From Washington Street

On the way to the Manhattan Bridge, we can take advantage of the great street views of these magnificent structures.

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Two Bridge Walk  12727


Two Bridge Walk  12729

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Starting Location – Manhattan Entrance to Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall Subway Station


“I took the two bridges walk with Antonio and Tom. It was a fantastic experience. I was very new to photography and both Tom and Antonio provided me with all the advise and help possible on the day of the trip. The walk itself was very interesting for a budding photographer with an abundance of photo opportunities. When I got home I could not believe the quality of some of the photos I captured thanks to the guidance from Tom and Antonio.”

Siobhán M.