Saturday, June 7th, 2014 – Switch to Manual Photo Workshop

Our first workshop covers the basics of aperture and shutter speed, giving you the skills you need to switch to manual mode on your camera. This half-day seminar balances educational presentations with hands-on location shooting, and provides both classroom-setting and on-site instruction.

Included in this workshop is a complimentary copy of our “Manual on Manual,” with everything you need to know about making the creative leap to full manual control of your camera.

We begin the workshop at the Red Hook Bait & Tackle, located in the trendy, waterfront Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook. From there (light refreshments provided), we will go over all the basic controls of your cameras, teaching you how to use the manual controls. After some classroom instruction, we’ll shoot a bit inside the wacky, taxidermy-filled pub, then reconvene to review and answer questions.  We then walk to the newly re-opened Fairway grocery store’s food court where we’ll break for lunch. After that, we shoot outside along the waterfront, and meet back at Bait & Tackle for a final session and a great selection of beer.

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Spend some shooting time inside this eclectic, taxidermy-filled pub. Wolves and bears and big game trophies line its walls. A great opportunity to test your indoor shooting skills. Slow shutter speeds, low apertures and high ISO rule.


RH Statue of Liberty1

The views of New York Harbor from Red Hook are second to none. Spot the occasional tall ship passing the Statue of Liberty or a mighty cruise ship on its way to the Caribbean. A great chance to capture urban seascapes with your wide angle lens, or focus on the nautical details with your telephoto.



For fans of street art, there is no shortage in Red Hook. Colors, shapes, posters, graffiti… you name it and it can be found on the walls. Capture the art in its urban surroundings or focus on the details. The choice is your’s. It’s a virtual museum out here.


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Starting location – Red Hook Bait & Tackle





Photo Walkers at Red Hook 07




Photo Walkers at Red Hook 02




Photo Walkers at Red Hook, Group Shot 02






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As a beginner and first timer to the switch to manual workshop, I was greeted with warmth, patience and excellent knowledge in photography from Tom and Antonio.  It took only a couple of hours and I left with extremely helpful tips and guidelines to taking beautiful shots.  I’d recommend this class to anyone.  I, myself would take it again!

Denise T.

“My decision to take the Switch to Manual class is one of the best decisions I have made when it comes to photography. Informative classroom style learning, and then we had ample time to action what we had learned. Tom and Antonio were encouraging, patient, knowledgeable and fun. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to make the switch, as I find it has completely liberated me. I tested out my new skills in Philly this weekend, and made much more freedom to get the shots I wanted and less of the frustration of trying to work through my automatic settings. Antonio was also able to answer questions about the functionality of my Nikon camera. I would highly recommend this class.”

April U.

“Thank you guys for a wonderful, productive and fun workshop. Even though it was hot, I enjoyed every minute. You guys are great instructors and I learned so much about my camera. I never thought I would ever get off Auto Mode. I have finally Switched to Manual and I will enjoy controlling my photos from now on, instead of letting my camera do it for itself. Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your time and what you do. I will be using what I learn in my upcoming trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.”

Josue G.

“This class was the full package and took the fear out of using all my manual settings. I learned so much and had a really really fun time. The camera has been traveling with me on all my adventures and is finally getting a good workout. Thank you Tom and Antonio for the experience. The class was so worthwhile and I would highly recommend anyone who has camera fear to take advantage of  Tom and Antonio’s years of experience and know how. They are wonderful to work with.”

Sue W.

“It was a great workshop and it was pleasure meeting everyone.”

Edward F.