Street Art Photo Walk

In recent times street art has since been properly recognized as the cutting edge of the urban art scene.   Our Street Art walk celebrates the artists by plunging into their wild, vibrant world.   As with all our walks the goal is to help you express your unique vision, building on the inspiration and radical imagery of NYC’s creative rebels.  We’ll get you there, and provide support and technical assistance.  But what you shoot and how you shoot it is up to you!   After the walk we’ll wind-down and share images at a local watering hole.

Photo Walkers at Williamsburg 01
Capture some of New York’s best and most accessible art in its gritty concrete “gallery” as we take to the streets and explore the unique applications and vibrant renderings of the urban artist.
You decide. Depending on how you photograph it, street art can appear as vandalism or as art worthy of being in a museum. However you depict it, we’re sure you’ll capture some amazing photos.
Bring those wide angle lenses; you need them! Some of the pieces we’ll find will be monumental in size. Different vantage points and perspective will help lend your own interpretation to the art work.
Sometimes you need to look past the street and into the back lots and hidden yards to find some of the most interesting street art. The fun part of photographing these is showing the art in the context of its location.
Starting Location – Verb Cafe – 218 Bedford Ave New York, NY 11211