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Portfolio Reviews

Switch to Manual began as a way to help photographers get back to the basics of taking pictures by teaching them how to take over the manual controls of the camera. During our live classes and photo walks, we’re able to work with our students by quickly reviewing their photos on the back of their camera. This hands-on approach allows us to give immediate and useful feedback to the photographers regarding their photographs. Yet not everyone can make it to Brooklyn, NY, for our classes or photo walks to take advantage of our knowledge.


So, the Switch to Manual team is now happy to offer our new online photography portfolio reviews.

We offer several different review packages to choose from, including a free option. You choose the package that’s right for you, digitally “drop off” your portfolio with us, and we’ll personally review it.

We will make an audio recording of the full review and send a downloadable mp3 audio file back to you. You’ll hear us go over each image you send, letting you know what you did right and what didn’t work out so well. We’ll offer tips to improve the image as well as any other advice we may come up with.

Future review add-ons will include follow-up/homework assignments, post-processing techniques demonstrated on your pictures, and even live one-on-one training sessions.

“It really helped me to appreciate my work from a different perspective. Your review was really clear and touched all the points that are important. It will surely help me to grow as a photographer and as an artist. Thanks again, and I’m sure I will be using your service again. I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants a professional review of their work or portfolio. It’s one of the hardest parts of building a portfolio and a neutral view is really helpful.”

Robert V.

“Switch to Manual portfolio review was exactly what I was looking for…  Antonio’s background as being an editor for a stock agency, certainly made it a trustworthy choice. Professionally done recording, discussed all 15 images I submitted.  The time spent on every image was long enough to provide concise critique pointing the good and bad points, and good clear direction on how to fix or avoid these mistakes in the future. This was not a simple pat on the back…  I encourage every photographer to take advantage of a portfolio review with Switch to Manual.  You will not be disappointed.”

Mac S.

(Gift Certificates are available. Please email us at info@switchtomanual.com to ask about purchasing)

How it works:

1 – After you purchase the review you’d like from the choices above, we send you a Dropbox link where you can upload your images. (For the free review option, you’ll send us a link to an image which is already posted on a photo-sharing site.)

2 – Once we receive the images, we will start the reviewing process and get it completed by the time allotted for the package you’ve purchased (not including weekends or US holidays).

3 – As each image is reviewed, we will give you our first impressions about the photo and any technical issues we see (such as focus, exposure, lighting, etc.). We will offer steps to improve the photos, including shooting and processing suggestions.

4 – The finished review will come to you as a downloadable mp3 audio file which you can keep. (With the free review option, the audio review file will be a clickable link only.)

The reviews are formatted to give specific advice about your photos rather than giving you a “nice shot” pat on the back. Our goal is to be encouraging and honest without being disparaging.

Helpful and informed feedback is one of the surest ways to help you improve your photographic skills. With the Switch to Manual portfolio review, you’ll be taking a giant step towards that goal.

Have a question about the portfolio review or want to purchase a gift certificate? Contact us.

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