(image © antonio m. rosario)

What are picture profiles, also known as “film simulations” on some cameras, “presets” and “filters” in image processing software? What’s the point of applying picture profiles to the photos you take? Is it only to simulate film looks from the past or are there other purposes to altering the look and color of your digital pictures?

In this special episode, Antonio is joined by friend and long time Podcaster, Bart Busschots from the Let’s Talk Photography podcast. Listen to Bart and Antonio as they discuss whether or not these color settings are just marketing gimmicks by camera manufacturers and app makers or have some definite place in your creative toolbox.

These are some of Antonio’s images processed in-camera with different picture profiles. The profiles are set in the camera and can change the look of the JPEG image saved on the camera. In the Fuji X100T (as well as other Fujifilm X cameras), picture profiles are called “Film Simulation.” Fuji cameras simulate current and discontinued Fuji film stocks. You can see how the picture profiles alter the feeling of the image.

Here are some of Bart’s Images