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In this episode, Antonio and Tom take some time to share with the listeners the photo projects and jobs they each dream of doing. What are the obstacles that get in the way and what do you need to do to make your dream photo project come to pass. Sometimes it’s the fear of rejection that can get in the way of pursuing your dream job or could it be something else? Antonio talks about a current situation where he’s pushing a suggestion as far as it can go and Tom reminisces about his first newspaper job. It’s a bit of an inspiring ramble as the STM guys try to fulfill their photographic dreams. Also in the new “Photo Quote” segment, they each have chosen a quote from a famous, or not-so-famous, photographer and talk about what it means to them. 

Tom’s newest iPhone images

Since we recorded this episode, I, Antonio, bumped into one of the actors who is in the TV show I want to go and shoot on. One Monday morning, Chad L. Coleman, who plays a character on the SyFy show “The Expanse,” (also of “The Wire” and “The Walking Dead”) happened to sit down next to me in my local coffee shop. I worked up enough guts to chat with him for about a half hour during breakfast. He’s quite the gentleman and we talked a little about me coming to the set to do portraits of all the cast and crew when they start shooting the second season in April. The coincidence was quite remarkable and I take it as a sign from the universe that I should pursue this dream I have as much as possible.

Mr. Coleman allowed me to take his portrait and we also took a selfie together.

Photo Quotes


Arnold Newman’s image of Igor Stravinsky, cropped and prior to cropping.


The video about Antonio that was nominated for a 2015 Emmy Award.