(image courtesy of Keith Goldstein)

In this episode, Antonio does a one-on-one with photographer and long-time friend, Keith Goldstein. Keith is a prolific New York City street photographer well known for his series titled “Looking on, Watching the Building of the Freedom Tower.” Antonio and Keith discuss some of the delicate issues related to street shooting and also tap into the emotional expressionism that can come from it. Even if street shooting is not your thing, you’ll want to hear how Keith uses his photography to mirror how he feels and what’s happening in his life. 

Gallery of Keith’s NYC street photography

 “I know nothing better then to photograph what is close to home. My neighborhood, my commute to and from work, my hometown New York City and its boroughs. In strangers on the street I recognize a piece of myself within. For me, there is nothing better then to document, hopefully with emotion, a connection, to the things I know. In this, is the mystery of “the other”, knowing that which is close, is also knowing knowing what else it can be.”

Keith Goldstein

From Keith’s “Looking On” series

All images copyright Keith Goldstein