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Taking control of your camera’s basic settings is the doorway to real creativity. Most people new to photography have a vague sense that it’s possible to control the camera’s settings, but are intimidated by the idea that to do so requires years of study. When you’re in love with photography all you really want to do is take pictures!

That’s where the Switch to Manual photo workshops come in.  Our two professional photographers will give you a practical overview of the two manual settings you’ll want to master (shutter speed and aperture) and then you go out and shoot.  Instead of a bunch of technical jargon, our instructors will explain these settings in everyday language.  By the end of the day you’ll understand how these camera controls relate to each other. You’ll be in control of your camera and not the other way around. You’ll be adjusting both to get the image you want, no matter  the situation.


In addition to our workshops, we offer photo walks in some of the most photogenic locations in the New York City and Brooklyn area. Spend a morning at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens or in the trendy industrial Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook or walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Spend an afternoon in Coney Island, Green-Wood Cemetery or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


During these photo walks, our photographers will offer hands-on advice regarding how to get the most from your camera equipment. They will advise about composition, lighting, and lenses. With our guides and your camera, you’ll be ending the day with memorable images. Most walks last between 2-3 hours and are a great way to visit these great locations in the city, with camera in hand.


Our workshops and photo walks run year-round. Check out the schedule and sign up. Soon you’ll Switching to Manual in just one day!

The Switch to Manual Guys

Antonio M. Rosario

Antonio M. Rosario


Antonio M. Rosario: is a professional photographer and digital imaging & workflow consultant. A prolifically active stock-photographer since the early 1990s, his commercial photography is marketed through Getty, Tetra Images, iStockPhoto and Alamy. If you’ve ever admired a calendar from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, there’s a good chance he did the photographs; he particularly enjoys having them as a client – just as he enjoys training industry professionals, advanced amateurs and traditional film photographers as they transition to the digital realm. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Antonio divides his time about equally between the Internet and the real world. To see what he’s up to,follow him on Twitter, seek him out on Vimeo, check him out on 500px, or visit his website.

Tom Martinez

Tom Martinez


Tom Martinez: came to photography in the digital age when he picked up a point and shoot and began taking three hundred pictures a day for a year.  Since then he’s moved on to a full-frame SLR which he’s used in Cuba, Honduras, Puerto Rico, New Orleans and the streets of New York City.  Over the years he’s published work in the Staten Island Advance, the Brooklyn Eagle, and magazines such as Tikkun and Still Speaking.

Images from our photo walks and workshop

Red Hook

Green-Wood Cemetery

Street Art Photo Walk

Coney Island

What our students are saying about their Switch to Manual experience:

“I took the two bridges walk with Antonio and Tom. It was a fantastic experience. I was very new to photography and both Tom and Antonio provided me with all the advise and help possible on the day of the trip. The walk itself was very interesting for a budding photographer with an abundance of photo opportunities. When I got home I could not believe the quality of some of the photos I captured thanks to the guidance from Tom and Antonio.”

Siobhán M.

“As a beginner and first timer to the Switch to Manual workshop, I was greeted with warmth, patience and excellent knowledge in photography from Tom and Antonio.  It took only a couple of hours and I left with extremely helpful tips and guidelines to taking beautiful shots.  I’d recommend this class to anyone.  I, myself would take it again!”

Denise T.

“This class was the full package and took the fear out of using all my manual settings. I learned so much and had a really really fun time. The camera has been traveling with me on all my adventures and is finally getting a good workout. Thank you Tom and Antonio for the experience. The class was so worthwhile and I would highly recommend anyone who has camera fear to take advantage of  Tom and Antonio’s years of experience and know how. They are wonderful to work with.”

Sue W.

“Thank you guys for a wonderful, productive and fun workshop. Even though it was hot, I enjoyed every minute. You guys are great instructors and I learned so much about my camera. I never thought I would ever get off Auto Mode. I have finally Switched to Manual and I will enjoy controlling my photos from now on, instead of letting my camera do it for itself. Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your time and what you do. I will be using what I learn in my upcoming trip.”

Josue G.

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